Top 7 Tourist Destinations In The United States

Need a break from bustle and hustle of everyday life? Feel like taking a break to sit back and relax? Then what is better than a good long vacation?

There are several places to visit in this cherished land to suit every person’s or family’s penchant, but here are top 7 attractions in the USA that continue to attract millions of tourists every year from all over the world.

New York

picture of new york city

New York City - The Big Apple. One of the most spectacular skylines in the world.

Busiest city renowned for its brightly illuminated bridges and eye-popping skyscrapers, this is the most populous place in the country. It is best suited for people who often work in a quiet and secluded environment with limited interactions. Some of the famed places in this city are the statue of liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, UN headquarters, and well noted art galleries and parks.

Los Angeles

Picture of Los Angeles Downtown

Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, pleases visitors year-round with the warm climate and bountiful activities.

Locally termed as “the city of angels”, it hosts different celebrities worldwide and is entertainment capital of the country. People who dreamed of meeting celebrities can fulfill that if their vacation is in this city with the biggest Hollywood sign. Check out the picturesque view of downtown Los Angeles, or high and mighty Griffith observatory.


picture of Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago - famous for the Sears Tower and the Navy Pier.

The windy city constructed with brilliant infrastructure is a chosen place for people who like it calm and with low humidity. To appreciate the most outstanding architecture, as well as enjoy the serene view of the Buckingham fountain or its vibrant colored parks, Chicago is the place to be.

Miami, Florida

Seated on the Atlantic coast of South Florida this place is bliss for people to chill out and enjoy Cuban and Caribbean cuisines. People who desire for beach parties and cool night-outs, Florida sure is a magic city.  Visited by many domestic and international tourists, this places is the “America’s cleanest city”.


The place is an appropriate choice for lovers of art and culture. This city presents the grandest historical representation like the declaration of independence or the liberty bell. This city has emblematic cuisine of cheesesteak and soft pretzel. Shopping freaks can surely go crazy here.


The most visited city with 35 million visitors every year this place, this place houses grandest of museums, parks, memorial sites, aquarium, science centers, etc. The yearly held festivals are the pride of the city. A must for people who plan total recreation during their vacation

Washington DC

If one wants to know more about the country then visiting the capital of the country would serve purpose. This city offers many historical sites and monuments. Be it the white house or Howard University or the very old local newspaper, Washington has it.

Getting A US Visa

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So Many Ways To Go Fishing In Kauai

Kauai waters teem with fish. That is why fishing is another popular and superb activity tourists opt to do when visiting this vacation haven. If you are into fishing as a game, a hobby, or an adventure, you are up to enjoy the time of your life in Kauai.

In the island, expect to see people standing waist-deep in the waters holding simple rods. You may also see fishing charters that are just roaming across the pristine sea. Or while enjoying the beach, you may come across groups of shore fishers. Everyone seems to be gaga over fishing in this paradise.

Deep-sea fishing

It should not be a surprise that Kauai is home to big game fish. The paradise island is surrounded by the vast ocean. If deep-sea fishing is what you would like to do, you should book on one of the available fishing charters that are offered to tourists and hobbyists. You may find one across the North Shore, the Nawiliwili Harbor in Lihue, and Port Allen in Hanapepe (West Side).


Deep Sea fishing in Kauai provides some HUGE catches!

Top sea-fishing favorites are dorado (mahimahi), marlin, wahoo (ono), and yellow fin tuna (ahi). It is quite worthwhile and fun to spend a whole day fishing out in the vast blue sea. When booking a charter, you might specify the types and species of fish you are interested in so the ship could take you to particular areas of the sea where you would be more likely to get your catch.

Also be aware that the ship might have its own policy regarding the huge fish you might catch on board. You should specifically inquire if there is any ‘tag and release’ policy so you would know what happens to your catch and if you could possibly take home some or most of it. Such policies are disclosed before booking a fishing tour.

Freshwater fishing

You may opt for freshwater fishing if you want it to be more laid back. The 150-acre fresh water reservoir called the Kokee Public Fishing Area is a highly recommended site for this type of fishing. It has up to 13 miles of streams. But there can also be a maximum catch limit per day. A fisher may only catch up to seven fishes per day, regardless of the species or variety.

picture Peacock Bass Freshwater Fishing Kauai

Peacock Bass await for the freshwater fisherman in Kauai

Fishing licenses are also required to allow people to fish within freshwater sites. Such a license, which has a year-long validity, could be obtained from the State Division of Aquatic Resources. You should apply for and get one before freshwater fishing.

Shore fishing

Another option for fishing in Kauai is shore fishing. You may start by scouting for any wharf along the shore. Among the most popular sites for the activity are beaches, breakwaters, and bays. For baits, you may use bits of banana or bread. You may also use other bait options like shrimp, shellfish, sand worms, squid, and small crabs.

picture Shore Fishing Kauai

Shore fishing is a great way to spend the day relaxing in Kauai

Unlike in deep-sea and freshwater fishing, authorities are more stringent about protective gears for shore fishing enthusiasts. You should wear shoes to prevent possible cut from sharp coral reef or from fish scales, spines, or gills. You should choose less crowded beaches for shore fishing if you do not like distractions from swimmers, surfers, and other tourists.


Kauai Biking: Exploring the Island on Two Wheels

Aside from water activities, Kauai is also popular among tourists as a biking haven. The presence of cane-haul roads and the challenge of getting through those make biking a fun and exciting pastime while enjoying an island vacation. You will easily understand why many tourists assert that the area could be explored better on two wheels.

picture biking in kauai

Biking in Kauai is a great way to explore the beauty of the island.

Photo courtesy of

If you are to go biking across Kauai, be aware that the greatest challenge to overcome is to find roads and at the same time resist the allure of the panoramic sceneries. Beware because the beauty that will unfold before your very eyes might act as a distraction that may lead you to getting lost within the maze.

Whether you are a mellower or a dare-devil, you would certainly have fun biking in Kauai. If you did not bring your bike with you, there is no need to fret. Near or within the start of biking trails are numerous bike rentals, where you could find and lease any bike that you may deem comfortable and versatile for your need. You may decide to spend a whole day biking. Where to bike in Kauai? Here are recommended trails.

picture Kauai Biking Adventures

You don't need a sweet bike to enjoy the beauty of Kauai!

Photo courtesy of

Biking Ke Ala Hele Makalae

This biking path is most recommended for the cruisers. Because it runs through the East Side of the island, expect to come across picnic pavilions, restroom facilities, and countless scenic views along the way. In other words, there would be lots of ‘likely’ and enjoyable distractions. Among the biking trails available to tourists, this one is the most suited for beginners.

Biking Moalepe Trail

For the intermediate to advanced bikers, this 5-mile path is ideal. The first 2 miles of the road would wind through pastureland. There would be plenty of challenge once you reach the rutted and steep switchbacks, which could be truly dangerous when it rains.

Biking Powerline Trail

Advanced bikers usually rave about this path. It is located along a service road for a local electric firm. The trail is up to 13 miles in length. Within the first half, the challenge of elevation would already be encountered. It would be difficult to bike uphill with an elevation of about 620 feet to 2,000 feet. The other half of the trail gradually transcends over different terrains. Expect the need to carry your bike on some sections. But be reminded that the picturesque views would surely stay in your memory forever.

Spalding Monument Loop Bike Trail

This trail is for the novice bikers. The loop offers excellent workout and panoramic ocean view. The path could be reached from the Ke Ala Hele Makalae. Along the way, you would come across the Spalding Monument, which was constructed to remember the former owner of the plantation where the loop runs through.

Wailua Forest Management Road Novice Bike Path

Another recommended site for the novice biker, this path is quite easier to find. From Wailua’s Route 56, just turn mauka on Kuamoo Road. From there, do the 6-mile stretch to a picnic area. You would notice that the road is a real challenge for bikers. As a reward, you would pass through the gate used in the movie ‘Jurassic Park.’

Kauai Surfing: Enjoying the Surfers’ Paradise

Kauai is building a solid reputation as a surfers’ paradise. Serious and professional surfers from all around the world surely include the island as one of the best surfing sites they have in mind. Needless to say, good, old stand-up surfing remains alive and kicking in the area. This is not surprising as it is surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean.

picture Kauai Surfing Paradise

Surfing in Kauai is a true surfer's dream!

Professional surfers could proceed to surfing along Hanalei Bay, Kalihiwai, Haena, or Lumahai. In those areas, huge waves are quite typical. All of those are in the North Shore area, which is most popular during winter surfing season.

For amateur and novice surfers, the south shores of Kauai offer impressive surfing resorts and areas. If you are really determined to learn surfing and be an expert in the sport, you should spend some time learning and training in this part of the island. South shores are not to be described as wimpy; those are just less rough compared to surfing areas in the north.

For the novice surfers

The north ends of Kealia and Wailua beaches teem with numerous surfers especially when the trade winds subside. Intermediate surfers are easily magnetized towards Beach House/Lawai Beach and Poipu all year round. The pros would find Kalihiwai a real challenge because of the cliff side. Perennial favorites for beginners and novice surfers include Hanalei Bay (next to Hanalei Pier), Poipu Beach (in front of the Marriott Waiohai Beach Club), and the Kalapaki Beach.

Kauai is also gaining popularity as an ideal place to learn surfing. Many tourists come to the island to try out and learn how to surf. Taking formal surfing lessons is highly recommended. It can be a vacation activity in itself. Do not worry about the gears and materials to be needed. Instructors are also trained to deal with slow and fast learners. Here are some surfing schools you could check out while in Kauai.

Surfing schools

Blue Seas Surf School is represented by prime surfing instructor Charlie Smith. His specialty is teaching beginners, even children. He takes his students to specific areas in the island where it could be safer and better to learn surfing.

Margo Oberg Surfing School is run and operated by Margo Oberg himself, world surfing champion for seven times and hall of famer. The surfing school regularly convenes at the beach right in front of Sheraton Kauai (Poipu). The lessons are quite simplified. But some learners observe that the mode of instructions is for people who already know even a little about surfing.

Nukumoi Surf Co has die-hard surfers as instructors. You may be surprised that although most of them have not yet made names in the international surfing scene, they are enthusiastic to act and stand as mentors to surfing students. Learners can be more comfortable about the more personalized method of teaching.

Titus Kinimaka Hawaiian School for Surfing is known for big-wave surfing. Surfing lessons are especially designed for beginners, intermediate surfers, and advanced level surfers. Titus Kinimaka is a local surfing legend. Thus, even expert surfers would want to train under him.

Amazing Historical Sites in Kauai

Kauai: Historical Sights

Kauai is believed to be the oldest of all the islands in the entire Hawaiian chain. Fortunately for the island, its people have always exhibited appreciation for culture and history. That is why visitors can still behold some of the historical sites, which can easily take one’s interests.

Many explorers from Europe, Polynesia, and America have already dropped by the island many centuries ago. Some of them have helped and influenced the construction of some structures. Going to some historical sites will certainly make you appreciate more the history, culture, and tradition that are uniquely Kauai.

Kauai Bellstones and Structures

A bellstone found at Wailua (Highway 580), east of the island is believed to be part of a series of bellstones built across different islands of Hawaii. According to some historians, such bellstones were used to inform the people about royal events. The bellstones were struck to resonate a unique tone that can possibly be audible from distant locations.

pictures Bell Stone in Kauai

A Bellstone in Kauai

The Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond is believed to be constructed by the Menehune, mythical little people referred to in Hawaiian legends. According to stories, the 1,000-year-old pond was built overnight. This legend has never failed to catch the fancy and interest of many tourists.

Historical Landmarks in Kauai

The Captain James Cook Monument (Hofgard Park in Waimea) was logically erected to honor its namesake, a British sailor who reached Hawaii in 1778. James Cook brought with him Discovery and Resolution ships, making him the pioneer westerner who set foot on the islands. An original monument of the sailor can be found in Whitby, England, where he was born.

picture Captain James Cook Monument Kauai

The Captain James Cook Monument in Kauai gives visitors a piece of history!

The Kilauea Lighthouse was constructed in 1913. Situated at the northernmost area of the Hawaiian Islands, the lighthouse used to boast of the biggest lens aimed at guiding ships. It stopped operating in 1970 but is still maintained as a popular tourist destination. The site is close to the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, where there are rare marine and bird species.

The Sleeping Giant in Kapaa located in the east of the island is another must-see historical landmark. Unlike other landmarks, this one is natural, part of the Nounou Mountain ridge. It has the resemblance to an actual sleeping giant, hence the name. According to some historians, Kauai villagers used the ridge to protect the island against invaders in the past. They lighted fires just behind the mountain to make it illuminate and look like a sleeping giant, which warded off hostile visitors.

Small Towns in Kauai

To complete your exploration of the historical sites of the island, visit several existing small towns. On top of the list will be the Waimea Town located in the west of the Kauai. This was where James Cook first landed in 1778. As mentioned, a monument was built in his honor here.

picture Hanapepe Town in Kauai

Hanapepe Town in Kauai is an eclectic, artsy town that is fun to explore!

Hanapepe Town is located east of Waimea. It was a thriving village in the mid-20th century. Now, it is considered as the art capital of the island. Old Koloa Town on the south shore, on the other hand, is home to the first ever sugar mill in Kauai. The factory was built in 1835.

The 3 Best Hiking Trails in Kauai

Kauai: Hiking Holidays

Up to 90% of the entire Kauai is inaccessible by typical transport. That is why the island facilitates great hiking experiences. There are just too many sites and sights within this paradise that should be explored—on foot. Indeed, hiking is truly an ideal way to explore and enjoy the natural splendor of Kauai first-hand.

Needless to say further, Kauai is an amazing island with breath-taking sceneries. You can aim to see major waterfalls, which mostly require hours of hiking. You may take short hikes from specific roads or opt to go through hiking trails that may require all day of challenge.

The 3 Best Hiking Trails in Kauai

It is advisable that before you go on a hiking holiday in the island, you should do some research to know which trails to take. The Department of Land and Natural Resources as well as the Division of State Parks can provide you with accurate maps, which can be helpful in navigation. There are several recommended hiking trails but if it is your first time to go, the three most popular are the Kukui, Kuilau Ridge, and Kalalau Trails.

1. The Kukui Trail is a 5-mile trail dropping about 2,000 feet into the Waimea Canyon. It offers a short route going to the canyon floor. As a form of reward from nature, there is a huge swimming hole at the canyon’s bottom.

picture of Rainbow Over Kukui Trail Kauai

Lucky hikers get to see a rainbow over the gorgeous canyon on Kukui Trail.

2. The Kuilau Ridge Trail is a 4.2-mile hike that offers picturesque views of a wealth of flora and several waterfalls. Its trailhead is a mile from the University of Hawaii Agricultural Experimental Station.

picture Kuilau Ridge Trail Kauai

The Kuilau Ridge Trail in Kauai provides for an awesome jungle hike!

3. The Kalalau Trail is noted for being the original hiking route going to Kalalau Valley. It offers panoramic views of the equally popular Kee Beach and Na Pali Coast. Many hikers decide to take an overnight camp and spend the night at Hanakapial, where you can mingle with other hiking adventurists for a unique nightlife. This trail is most suited for experienced hikers for logical reasons.

picture of waterfall The Kalalau Trail in Kauai

This waterfall greets visitors near the entrance to The Kalalau Trail in Kauai

Hiking Safety Tips for Kauai

Be sure to prepare for your hiking holiday before going to Kauai. As mentioned, it will be advisable to get a map of the trails first. It will be more fun to hike with your family or friends, although some adventurists opt to hike alone. Pack your hiking essentials especially drinking water as drinking freshwater from streams and ponds may not be advisable for health safety reasons.

Wear a good and reliable pair of hiking shoes (preferably with tread), a pair of light pants or shorts and a light shirt. Don’t forget to bring with you light rain jackets and even mosquito repellents (for overnight hiking). If you are taking a tougher and longer hike, bring flashlights, compass, sweaters, first aid kit, and sufficient water and food to nourish you all throughout the activity. Bringing of mobile phones is also advisable.

Hiking in Kauai can really be fun. If you are planning a holiday vacation in this island paradise, it is advisable that you don’t forget scheduling a hiking activity. Take any of the trails and you will see what kind of rewards from nature you can behold.

Kauai Beaches And Activities For The Whole Family

Kauai: Beach Activities

Your Hawaii getaway will never be complete until you get to enjoy what Kauai has to offer. The Garden Isle of the islands, as it is aptly called, has the most interesting array of lush foliage serving as a background for long white sand beaches. The beaches can be perfect venues for island adventure, sightseeing, and sports activities.

picture Kauai Beach

Beaches in Kauai give spectacular views

While it is true that many vacationers come to Kauai to enjoy a relaxing time, you may ideally opt to enjoy any or all of the possible beach activities you can do. It will not be fun to just lie down on the beach and slather on your suntan lotion. You may seek some thrill from these physical beach activities facilitated in the pristine beaches in the island.

Surfing and Snorkeling in Kauai

During summertime, the waters of Kauai become perfect for surfing—rough enough to facilitate challenge but mild at the same time to ensure safety. There must be good reasons why many surfers from all over the world come to enjoy surfing in the pristine beaches of the islands. If you are new into surfing/windsurfing, you may try enrolling in any of the surfing schools located in specific beaches.

picture Surfing in Kauai

Waves in Kauai provide surfers an incredible adventure!

For snorkeling, you may opt to stick to the old fashioned way or to try out Snuba, a new fascinating fad. Snuba will make you breathe through a hose long enough to go up to a little raft. Scuba diving is also still popular. Recommended spots for diving activities are Anini Beach Park and Lawai Beach.

Boat Riding and Sky Diving in Kauai

To date, there are many forms of boat riding activities offered in the island. You should try out a more sedate but truly engaging extreme ride on flat bottom boats specifically in Wailua River. On the west side of Kauai is the Booze and Cruise catamaran ride offered at Port Allen. If you prefer a crazy and fast boat ride, hop aboard any of the available Zodiac Boats zooming along the extremely rugged Na Pali coastline.

Sky Dive Kauai picture

Sky diving in Kauai give you a once in a lifetime view!

Do you want to go more extreme? Sky diving is the fun, extreme beach activity for you. There is a small airfield beside the Salt Ponds found in the old Hanapepe town. You may ride a small airplane and throw yourself out when it flies over the vast waters. Needless to say, the view is exclusively spectacular and you will surely enjoy the thrill like no other.

Fishing in Kauai

Find out why Kauai is popular among saltwater and freshwater anglers. The activity can be done within the inland water reservoirs as well as on the vast ocean water. Ahi, aku, ono, and marlin are just some of the fish varieties that abound off the east and south coasts of the island. To make this activity a safer and more enjoyable one, special charters are offered to carry you near Niihau, a private island, where fishing for marlin and giant tuna is most fun.

picture of Blue Marlin Fishing Kauai

Like fishing? This huge Blue Marlin was caught off the coast of Kauai.

There are many other beach activities offered across the island and in different beaches within it. Fun opportunities are just endless. Just be warned that you might be too overwhelmed that you may not be able to easily decide which water activity to try out and enjoy first. Outdoor is simply thrilling and engaging in this island paradise.

Travel Insurance for a Trip to Kauai, Hawaii

“Should I Buy Travel Insurance?”

We hear this question all the time when people ask us about flying to Kauai! So we’re answering it for you once and for all!

Kauai is now one of the most popular tourism destinations in Hawaii. It is not surprising that vacationers and travelers from all walks of life and ages come to this wonderful island all throughout the year. If you are planning to spend a holiday getaway in this paradise isle, you should prepare the things you will bring, buy reasonable tickets online, and find and purchase comprehensive travel insurance.

Yes, it is still important that before traveling to Kauai, you should be sure you are adequately and properly covered by a reliable and trustworthy insurance agency. The policy will be an overall protection you can count on in case inevitable and unexpected turns of events take place and affect specific aspects of your travel. Travel insurance, as the experts have always been reminding, is not just for the elderly. It is for everyone.
The importance

Travel insurance for a trip to Kauai is most valuable especially if you are booking for an expensive air ticket and for an advance schedule. This is because the policy typically covers cancellation and interruption of the flights. You will be able to cancel or even cut your trip in case you get struck by an illness. It is also applicable in case there are other urgent and unexpected events that may hinder you from proceeding with the tour.

What many people rave about such travel insurance policy is its coverage of medical care and even evacuation. If you get seriously ill or if you meet an accident during your trip, you can rest assured that you are adequately covered. The same goes if there will be a need to evacuate due to unexpected natural calamities or occurrences. Mechanical problems and bad weather, even delayed or lost luggage are also covered by comprehensive travel insurances.

Protection against financial default

The coverage of comprehensive travel insurance to Kauai does not end there. Another interesting coverage type is financial default. If your trip is suddenly disrupted just because your airline, cruise line, or tour operator suddenly shuts down, you can be sure to get a full refund, without any hassle. Just make sure your operator is included in the list of companies that are part of the insurance coverage.

It is always advisable to read the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy. You must fully understand and know the coverage so you will know just when to use your travel insurance policy. It will be better if you will carefully consider and compare different travel insurance products from various providers so you can choose the best and most comprehensive.

You may also ask your relatives, colleagues, or friends who have travelled to Kauai before. They may recommend or refer you to the best travel insurance policies that cover tours to the island. As always, learning from the experiences of others is a great way to avoid hassles that you may possibly encounter on your trip. Do not travel to Kauai without any travel insurance.



Planning A Trip to Kauai

So you’re thinking of traveling to Kauai?

Traveling To Kauai Picture

Photo of Kauai, Hawaii courtesy of

The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, yet the least developed, this is the Hawaii you will see in most movies and TV shows. The Na Pali coastline was made famous by the film, Jurassic Park, and is even more beautiful when seen up close.

Planning A Trip To Kauai

There are a large number of flights to the island, both from the mainland and from the other islands. You can catch direct flights to the island, instead of one with a layover in Oahu, as well.

picture Kauai Na Pali Coast

Photo of Kauai Na Pali Coast courtesy of

Since there are no buildings taller than 40 stories in Kauai, there aren’t massive resorts as there are on the other islands, but there is an excellent selection of smaller hotels in all price ranges. You can choose a resort, a hotel, or even a B&B, as there is a huge variety of places to stay.

The only important thing to do is plan your activities before you book your accommodation, because even though the island is small, you could end up spending hours on the road every day if you choose a hotel that is far from the beaches you want to visit. The northern side of the island gets significantly more rain than the southern, even though there is a ton to do even when it rains. Still, for those people who want to spend their holiday lazing in the sun, it is best to do some research on the layout of the island before booking a hotel.

Most of the roads on Kauai are adjacent to the coast, with very few roads leading inland. There are many beaches along the coast, but some are inaccessible by road and only adventurous hikers can get to them. You can also see the beautiful Na Pali coastline with its sheer cliffs by hike.

Kauai Sunset picture

Photo of beautiful sunset over Kauai courtesy of

While serious hikers can hike the 11 mile Kalalau Trail trail in 2-3 days, not everyone is up for that, which is why you can also book a helicopter ride. For beach lovers, there are still many beaches that are completely accessible by road and many fun activities that can be planned in advance – like scuba diving and snorkeling. It is also possible to go see the museums, and sightseeing spots scattered throughout the island, as well as drive to the top of the Na Pali cliffs for a gorgeous vista.

As you can see, the activities in Na Pali vary greatly. That is why it is best to decide the activities first, and then book your accommodation. There’s really so much to do on the island! Even the locals who have been there for years haven’t seen every part of the island for it’s diversity of fun activities and leisure area abundant beyond description!

Kauai Has Beautiful Beaches image

Photo of beautiful Kauai beach courtesy of