Belize is the Next Hot Travel Destination

Experienced and novice travelers alike are discovering Belize and falling in love with it.  As a tropical destination, it stands apart from other Caribbean  and central American travel alternatives for a variety of reasons, as discovered by Belize Tree Top Villa operators, Chris and Kristi Cullen.

Belize Great Blue Hole picture

The Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef is a huge attraction for Belize.


Belize is in a great location, with just a two to four hour flight from many major American airports in the Southeast.  Scuba diving enthusiasts are accustomed to the 9-13+ hour flights to visit the South Pacific and Australia.  Less time in the air means more time to enjoy the many Belize adventures by land or by water.


Novice international travelers tend to be nervous to travel to countries that they do not speak the language.  This is quickly overcame by travelers to Belize; it is a former British colony where the majority of the country speaks English very well along with another language like Kriol, Spanish and other Mayan  languages.


Belize has less civil unrest than many other central American countries.  The State Department does note some travelling precautions and past incidents that have occurred, but most of these are in Belize city or along the Guatemalan border.  The most popular Belizean tourist destination,  the Placencia peninsula, where Belize Tree Top Villa is located, remains a friendly location with little travel danger.

Clean Water

Travelers to Belize can enjoy drinking fresh tap water unlike many other central American destinations.  This is in part due to fresh groundwater in most of the country.  While the demands for fresh water are growing in large cities as the population grows, the Placencia area as well as Belize Tree Top Villa itself has clean water to drink.

Things to do

There’s something to do for the whole family in Belize, and most especially along the Southern coast of the Placencia peninsula!  Scuba divers of all ages are drawn to the second largest barrier reef in the world, along with other unique diving features like ‘The Blue Hole.’  There are also plenty of other adventures by boat, and land.  Enjoy zip-lining through the jungle, cave tubing, and wandering through Mayan ruins… there’s truly something for everyone in the family!

All of these factors influenced the Cullen’s decision to buy their second home in the Maya Beach neighborhood.  They open it up to you for your Belize vacation rental to enjoy the many activities enjoyed by other travelers.  Please contact if you are interested in staying at the villa.  And if you need a recommendation of things to do, places to eat, or sites to see, they’re the expert to consult for planning a Belizean vacation!

Oceanside Theatre In Kauai

Who says there’s no good theatre in Kauai? The popularity of Oceanside Theater is a proof that people in the island are also spending to watch quality theater shows. Oceanside Theater is the newest theatre company in Kauai. It offers and facilitates the best live entertainment, which is an ideal compliment to a typically lazy day at the pristine beach.

Oceanside Theater’s office is located at 379 Ilalo Place Kapaa. One should check out the scheduled plays and shows in assigned venues before going. Specific and popular theatrical performances are usually scheduled in specific days and times of the week.

The Complete History of America Abridged

The Complete History of America Abridged is a hilarious production!

OP Theater

Oceanside Productions (OP) Theatre is the hottest and most popular theater company in Kauai. It offers and stages the best in local live entertainment. Presently, OP Theatre mounts and performs a hilarious 90-minute comedy called ‘The Complete History of America: Abridged.’ It is one of the longest running comedies performed in London.

The show is performed by schedule every Tuesday night at the Aston Aloha Beach Hotel, which is located along the Wailua/Kapaa. The site is where Wailua River is meeting the ocean. If you plan to watch a performance, you may choose from any of three-course menus offered. Those are served table side from the Palms Restaurant along with vegetarian options. You may also stroll over to Alii Room Theater.

Theatre Mission Statement

Oceanside Productions is a typical theater group that aims to provide theatrical entertainment with the highest quality. The group intends to cater to the preferences and enjoyment of kamaaina and Kauai visitors. Oceanside Productions is committed only to the highest entertainment standards, which define every aspect of the company’s work.

Thus, it should not surprise anyone that total satisfaction and enjoyment is ensured by Oceanside Productions. Many tourists even rave about how they do not expect to experience theater at its finest while in Kauai. Logically, theater performances are not what tourists come to when visiting the island. But it is a pleasant surprise that after long days of beach and fun outdoor activities, people can relax and unwind watching a great theatrical performance.

The Complete History of America: Abridged

The 90-minute comedy is a rollercoaster ride of laughs and surprises. It is now in Kauai after gracing other parts of the world, including London. The plot centers in three actors who run riot through more than 500 years of history in America. Take note that no historical figure is ignored and unmentioned (read: unscathed). From Christopher Columbus to George Washington to Abraham Lincoln and Georg Bush, all popular figures are talked about.

Imagine ‘Three Stooges’ and ‘The Marx Brothers’ tackling American history over at ‘Saturday Night Live.’ That is what this comedy is all about. You may find it funny, fast-paced, and silly all at the same time. You may even be amazed at how quickly the characters change costumes. ‘The Complete History of America: Abridged is definitely a theatrical event that should not be missed by anyone in Kauai, whether residing there or just visiting for a vacation.

Kokee State Park Natural Museum In Kauai

Tourists who are very interested to learn more about the geology, climatology, and ecology of Kauai should visit the Kokee Natural Museum. It is also an important source of information about conditions of trails in the Waimea Canyon as well as the Kokee State Park. A tour of the museum will surely turn out educational in every aspect.

The museum is situated within Kokee State Park, sitting at the top of the accessible Waimea Canyon Road. It is open daily from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. To provide assistance to tourists, it is open even during public holidays. Admission to the museum is free. However, visitors are encouraged to give to a donation box located at the entrance. Donations are used to fund continuous operations since the museum does not receive any funding from the state.

Kokee State Park Museum picture

The Kokee Museum is a good visit on your way to hiking in Kokee State Park.

Part of the attractions offered to visitors is the scenic drive through the breathtaking Waimea Canyon, which is dubbed as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific.’ No one can miss it when getting through the road to the museum.

There are even regular events that are staged to further bolster interest in Kokee Natural Museum. Those include forest workdays and guided hikes. Visitors are advised to come during the months of June to September, when most of the regular events in the museum are held.

Important Exhibits At Koke’e Natural Museum

And how can the museum be complete without the popular exhibits? Those include the following: Woods of the Hawaiian Forest, Hawaiian and Pacific Weather during devastation of hurricane Iniki in September 1992, native and introduced local birds, and different collections of shells. There are also exhibits about the ‘Ascent of Emma,’ which is an account of the talked about royal visit to the region.

There are also informative displays about numerous Hawaiian stone artifacts as well as hunting and fishing as activities in the island. Interactive exhibits are also mounted to provide more information to visitors in a more timely and lively manner.

The Museum Shop

Within the Kokee Natural Museum is the Kokee Museum Shop. Visitors who intend to shop for souvenirs, memorabilia, and other items can find pleasure shopping at the Kokee Mart. Most of the merchandise are not just unique to Kokee and Kauai, those are also one-of-a-kind that can never be possibly found and bought elsewhere.

The Museum Shop features an extensive selection of fine local arts and crafts, Hawaiian books, and very exclusive gifts. Tourists are advised to look closely at Kauai-made objects. The shop is also known for its Emalani and Kokee shirts (available online) and Hui o Laka, which sells hats, awareness, pins, and bracelets.

Other Activities

The Kokee Natural Museum is an ideal place for planning hikes. The museum employs knowledgeable staff and there are volunteers who are always welcoming guests. Those people are oriented and trained to help tourists and vacationers when deciding the places within the area to go to as well the possible conditions and hazards.

Kokee Natural Museum, no matter how quaint it may be, is a good venue to learn more about Kauai’s flora and fauna. An accessibility ramp is available to make going to the museum easier. Children are also welcomed especially because there are now specific sections in the museum that are aimed at engaging kids, who are usually being tagged along by their families.

Meatloaf at Wiltern Theatre

The iconic Meatloaf is the stage name of American hard rock musician and actor, Michael Lee Aday. Who can possibly forget his soulful melody “I’d do anything for love” which won the Grammy for best vocal rock solo?

His Bat Out of Hell album trilogy catapulted Meatloaf to the stratosphere where the stars truly belong. Bat Out of Hell has sold more than 43 million copies worldwide and still continues to sell 200,000 copies annually. It is one of the best-selling albums of all times and has stayed on the charts for more than nine years.

Meatloaf is ranked 96th on the “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” by VH1. He has also appeared in several movies either as himself or as a rock star.

Aday was born in Dallas, Texas. He formed his first band called the “Meat Loaf Soul” in Los Angeles. The band opened for several other popular bands at the time. They also underwent several changes within along with a change of name each time. In spite of his obvious talent, Aday had to struggle to have the music industry take him seriously. He has often said that the treatment that he received was similar to that of a circus clown.

Bat Out of Hell is the most successful album of Meatloaf. Released on 21 October, 1977, it became one of the highest selling albums of all times. It sold 2.1 million copies in UK alone and remained 474 weeks on the UK album chart. In Australia, it went on to become the biggest selling album for many years.

Bat Out of Hell II was released in 1993 and is considered one of the biggest comebacks in the history of music.

Meat Loaf at Wiltern Theater

Meat Loaf is on the “Mad, Mad World” tour. He hits Los Angeles at the
Wiltern Theatre, so grab your tickets while you can. This Grammy winning musician has fans in all ages and nationalities, and his stage presence in undeniable.

Wiltern Theatre is operated by the Los Angeles division of Live Nation. It is located at the west edge of Koreatown in Los Angeles, served by the Red Line and Purple Line subway lines of LA.

The Wiltern Theater and the Pellissier Building adjacent to it are prime examples of Art Deco architectural landmarks in Los Angeles. The entire complex is known as the Wiltern Center.

The Los Angeles Wiltern Theater was built in the year 1931. It can seat 1,850 concert goers in total. The theater is known for its intimate, up close and personal feel. There is plenty of standing room and mezzanine, loge, and floor seats.

You can now order your tickets for the Meat Loaf ‘Mad, Mad World’ Tour at the Wiltern Theatre. This is a highly anticipated concert performance and the seats are limited. Buy confirmed tickets online 24/7, through our secure server. We stock tickets for confirmed seats for the Meat Loaf concert at Wiltern Theater no matter what the date.

Contact us for your tickets to see the next performance of Meatloaf at the Los Angeles Wiltern Theatre today!

Hanakapi’ai Beach and Stream Hike – Na Pali Coast

The hike to Hanakapi’ai beach and stream along the Na Pali coast is one of my favorite hikes in Kauai! It provides spectacular ocean views and a lot of fun places to play and enjoy along the mountains, trails, beaches and streams. If you’re lucky enough, you might even find some ripe strawberry guava along the trail from April to October.

We started out at Ke’e beach and hiked about two miles to Hanakapi’ai beach where the stream meats the ocean. On the way, we saw a turtle swimming below in the coral reefs on the Na Pali coast and stopped for some spectacular ocean and mountain views.

Na Pali Coast Hike picture

The Na Pali Coast is just spectacular and the crystal clear water allows you to sometimes see turtles swimming below.

We also found some amazing fresh springs coming from the mountain along the hike – so we decided to drink some cool, clean, refreshing mountain stream water. Awesome!

When we arrived at the stream, we decided to cool off in the water and enjoy a nice lunch. We had our complimentary cacao mousse party on the stream just by Hanakapi’ai beach. So delicious!

Hanakapi'ai Beach Cacao Mousse Dessert picture

A lovely cacao mousse celebration on the beach!

We decided to play in the stream and its little beautiful waterfalls for some fun and to cool off.

Under The Waterfalls in Hanakapi'ai Stream

Then our guide, Danny, decided to go for a ride down the waterfall! WATERFALL SLIDE! WOOHOO!

Hanakapi'ai Waterfall Slide picture

Our guide decides to go for the waterfall slide!

We enjoyed picking strawberry guava as we made our way back to Ke’e beach… then all of a sudden we looked up and saw this double rainbow!

picture of Double Rainbow on Na Pali Coast

We were blessed with a Double Rainbow on the hike back from Hanakapi'ai.

After the hike back, we had dinner on Ke’e beach and watched the sunset – so gorgeous!

Ke'e Beach Sunset Na Pali Coast picture

Watching the sunset on Ke'e beach.

Thus we ended another beautiful day in Kauai. Mahalo!

If you’d like to book a wonderful tour like this with our native Hawaiian guide, Danny Hashimoto, you can contact him at:

Danny Hashimoto, Kauai Tour Guide

Photographer and Cacao Mousse/Fudge Maker



phone: 808-634-3753

Mention this blog post and receive a free cacao mousse dessert on your next hike in Kauai!

Note: All photos courtesy of Danny Hashimoto.

Makaleha Hike To Gusher Springs In Kauai

This was one of my first hikes in Kauai… and definitely one of my favorites! It’s a short 15-30 minute hike from the parking area of Makaleha near the water towers off Kahuna rd.

Hiking Directions

Since there was a storm there recently, you have to hike and climb over and on some fallen trees. When you start up the trail to Makaleha, you will come to the first stream crossing. Instead of crossing there, head upstream along the trail on the right side up of the stream. You’ll see fallen branches in the way – you have to climb over the branches and make your way slightly to your right, away from the stream.

If you do it right, you’ll see gushing water coming out of a large pipe – that’s Gusher Springs – that turns into a much smaller stream that meets up with the larger Makaleha stream after a few hundred feet. The water is coming from a pipe but the pipe leads straight to a tiny cave where the stream comes out of the rock – the water is pristine mountain spring water, safe to drink and deliciously refreshing. It’s a great place to fill up your water bottles for a longer hike up to the Makaleha waterfalls.

The hike to Gusher Springs makes a great 1-2 hour adventure and swim by itself or a great side trip on your way to Makaleha falls further up the stream. It’s also a great place to visit coming down the mountain at the end of your hike to refill your water bottles and take some fresh mountain spring water home with you.

photo Kauai Gusher Springs Makaleha

Enjoying the refreshing springwater at Makaleha.

Enjoying The Springs

That’s what Gusher Springs looks like! It’s perfect for a cool dip on a warm day in Kauai. You might also see crawfish in the water nearby or hear the beautiful calls of the Shama Thrush while you enjoy the water!

Our tour guide for the day was Danny Hashimoto. Before the hike, Danny fed us some incredible tropical fruit ambrosia – with about 10 or 11 different tropical fruits and coconut cream. The fruits included papaya, cream apple (camelito), ice cream banana, apple banana, lychee, and some other amazing fruits I forgot!

Kauai Tropical Fruit Ambrosia picture

We enjoyed this wonderful tropical fruit ambrosia before the Makaleha hike.

Danny’s home-made Raw Cacao Mousse with Passion-Coconut Cream topping and freshly gathered Thimble Berries crowning the Mousse really set off this dessert. These delicious red berries grow wild along the trail and bear year round. It’s nice to be able to hike and snack at the same time!

Cacao Mousse picture

This superfood-rich cacao mousse made our hike even better!

Even with these directions, Gusher Springs can be hard to find and it requires some hiking skills and leadership to help navigate through and over the fallen trees so it’s best to have a guide.

If you’d like to book a wonderful tour like this with our native Hawaiian guide, Danny Hashimoto, you can contact him at:

Danny Hashimoto, Kauai Tour Guide



phone: 808-634-3753

Mention this blog post and receive a free cacao mousse dessert on your next hike in Kauai!

Note: All photos courtesy of Danny Hashimoto.

Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond

Historic and interesting places that allure tourists in Kauai are always spearheaded by the Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond. It is a natural lake or a fishpond created to cultivate and catch freshwater fish. The fishpond illustrates the ancient and admired Hawaiian aquaculture.

The Menehune Fish Pond picture

The Menehune Fish Pond is spectacular!

The popular fishpond is situated near or adjacent to the Hulei’a Stream. There is a 900-yard-long and 5-feet-high rock wall made of lava that separates the two bodies of water. Many archaeologists estimate the age of the fishpond to be about a thousand years. Thus, in 1973, Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond was declared a part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The Alekoko, Menehune Legend

Primarily, what sets Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond apart is the legend that comes with it. The name came from the same legend. According to the popular folklore, Menehune (mischievous small race of mythical people) built the pond countless years ago. The Menehune were supposed to perform numerous legendary engineering feats in the island.

According to the same legend, the Menehune live in the thick forests to hide from humans. As if that is not interesting enough, legend has it that the small race of people did the whole fishpond in just a night. Accordingly, they managed to do the arduous task by lining up for about 25 miles long. They were supposed to pass stones and hand-build the fishpond.

History of the Pond

It was said that Alekoko Menehune Fishpond was in best condition until 1824. That year, Kauai was ruled by different ali’i or chieftains after leader Kaumuali’i died. Leaders from Maui and O’ahu ruled the area but as absentee landlords. Without much labor force, the productivity of the pond declined. The surrounding areas, through the years, caught the interest for planting of rice and taro.

Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond is now managed and protected by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Before that, the fascinating area underwent various designations. In 1973, the area was declared as part of the Hulei’ia National Wildlife Refuge. Mangroves and moss now beautifully covers the lake’s rocks.

What to Do

Of course, it is quite logical that Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond is a popular site for hobby and sport fishing. Do not be surprised to see people from all walks of life enjoying fishing activities in the area. There is an interesting lineup of the species of fish that lives in the lake and are susceptible to catching.

Kayak tours have also become popular in Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond. However, the activity is more identified with Hulei’a River, which is a fun and exciting way to further discover the area. Kayakers can kayak past the designated pond entrance.

Sunset of each day is also an ideal time to get to Alekoko Menehune Fishpond. The Scenic overlook gets more fascinating and admirable before daylight from the sky completely disappears. Sun set gazing is best in a unique gap located between Kipu Kai and Haupu Ridge.

The tranquil and lush 39-acre fishing pond is a promising site. Tourists should include an experience in Menehune Fishpond in their own touring itinerary.

Eo e Emalani i Alakai Festival

One of Kauai’s most talked about, authentic, and breathtaking celebrations is Eo e Emalani i Alakai Festival. It has become part of the many reasons why numerous tourists come to the island to take part and behold the unique festivities. Just like all other local celebrations, it is open to everyone, especially tourists who want to experience extraordinary merrymakings.

picture of Eo e Emalani i Alakai Festival

The festivities at Eo e Emalani i Alakai Festival will definitely entertain you!

The festival is held every second Saturday of October. Visitors who want to see the celebrations should time the bookings of their Kauai getaway around that date. The annual outdoor festivities are held in the equally famous Koke’e State Park. Rain or shine, the scheduled yearly events would always push through on the date for everyone to see, take part in, and admire.

History of the Festival

It was in 1988 when Eo e Emalani i Alakai Festival was started. Since then, it became an annual celebration open to locals and visitors alike. The festival is a colorful commemoration of Hawaiian Queen Emma Naea Rooke’s journey in 1871 from her own beach house located in Lawa’i to Kilohana Viewpoint’s upper reaches. It was noted that the Queen wanted to personally see with her own eyes the beauty of the legendary area all the way to Wainiha.

During that historic journey, the Queen was with almost a hundred companions. The group was led by a guide, Kaluahi, who was then referred to by Eric Knudsen of Waimea. Each year since the start of the festival, a specific aspect of the inspiring legacy of the Queen is highlighted and made as focus of the celebrations. This is just appropriate as a tribute to a real humanitarian leader.

What to expect

Participants and audiences to Eo e Emalani i Alakai Festival are given the extraordinary privilege to reflect on the values of the Queen, who is recorded in Kauai history for taking the people by heart. People enjoy the visual and experiential treats that only the festival can bring about.

To be expected in Eo e Emalani i Alakai Festival are historical displays and exhibitions (which usually take place from 10 in the morning until 12 noon). There is a commemoration/re-enactment of the way the Queen entered the Kanaloahuluhulu Meadow on a horseback.

Hula hulau from different parts of Hawaii offer dance numbers. Hula groups from Japan and Europe also usually come to participate in the event. And of course live Hawaiian music should never be overlooked.

Queen Emma Royal Journey Reenactment

As mentioned, there is always a re-enactment of the royal journey. Queen Emma is aptly represented by an assigned halau (hula-dancing school) woman. The entourage re-enacts the Queen’s entrance to the meadows, where they are warmly greeted by local hula dancers, who for their part chant and do special dance moves.

Guests, whether local or visitors, are always asked to properly and politely observe the royal protocol. Everyone is asked to stand during the part of the depiction when the ‘Queen’ enters and leaves her royal tent. Other activities include photo exhibits, local craft demonstrations, and social gatherings.

Kauai Mokihana Festival

There are many interesting and unique festivals that are being celebrated in Kauai. All year round, the island never seems to run out of festivities. If you have come to the island in September, you should wait until the third week of the month to witness and participate in the celebrations of the Kauai Mokihana Festival.

picture of Hula Dancers at THe Kauai Mokihana Festival

Beautiful Hula Dancers Entertain at The Kauai Mokihana Festival

Just like all other festivals, Mokihana is an excellent opportunity to further and overwhelmingly explore the rich Hawaiian culture and hospitality of the locals. To top it all, the celebrations are open to the public. That means everyone is invited, especially the tourists who are most interested about local festivities.

Cultural festival

Kauai Mokihana Festival is a cultural celebration. The festival lasts up to seven days and consists of several events. Hula competitions are the primary come-on because hula is very much identified to the Hawaiian islands. One can never contest the fact that such competitions are not just interesting; above all, hula competitions are fun and overwhelming.

The festival is also an ideal celebration to showcase contemporary local music, Hawaiian language, and crafts. It promotes everything that is mostly unique to Kauai and the Hawaiian islands. Every year, a contest is being organized and held to showcase the extraordinary talent of qualified composers.  Musicians also take the stage through an annual concert that is usually mounted at the Kauai Community College within the festival week.

An evening is allotted for storytelling and showing of videos about musical legends. Such an activity is organized at the Kauai Museum. And who could ever resist the fun activities and celebrations held at designated beaches and parks?

The History of The Kauai Mokihana Festival

Kauai Mokihana Festival started in 1984. It was originally a single event—hula competition specifically for men. In the 1990s, the festival grew through adding competitions for hula groups, hula schools, and women hula dancers. In no time, the festival became a veritable opportunity to find unique excitement and fun.

Through the years, many other events were added to make the Kauai Mokihana Festival more fun and interesting. The festivities were extended to cover an entire week. The festival became filled with cultural activities, live music, and of course hula events. All of those spelled fun like no other to locals and tourists alike.

What to expect

Kauai Mokihana Festival has more to offer everyone. There are even stringed musical competitions and major parties held in various spots across the island. There are music, crafts, food, history talks/lectures, hula lessons, and various talent show-offs/performances. Most or all of the proceeds go directly to Malie Foundation, a local cultural organization in the island.

As the festival further gains popularity, it becomes bigger and bigger each year. It has in fact established itself as a tourism event, a reason numerous vacationers and visitors come to Kauai in the time of the year (third week of September). Thus during the weeklong event, participants and bystanders get the chance to interact with other visitors. The opportunities for more fun ensue!

The Best Romantic Destinations In Kauai

Kauai is arguably the most romantic of the Hawaiian Islands. Whether it’s the picturesque setting of lush, green mountains or images of cascading waterfalls pouring down jagged cliffs, there is just something about Kauai that just begs for you to grab that special someone and escape for a few days of fantasy and pleasure.

There are plenty of places on Kauai to steal a few moments of quiet and solitude.  Places where couples can be alone to experience the magnificence of each other and explore their primal connection to the beauty of Mother Earth.   Take in a gorgeous sunset on a pristine beach or walk the many hidden trails to uncover remote locations, which seem to have been lost in time.  Often, the most wonderful way to celebrate life on Kauai together is to grab some cocktails, pull up a few chairs, and fill yourselves up with the enchanting sounds of authentic Hawaiian music playing poolside at one of the island’s top resorts.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy a romantic vacation on the island of Kauai…

Where To Sleep

If you’ve come to Kauai to honeymoon, or to just spend a little time bonding with your sweetie, there are some wonderful accommodations that will pamper you, so that all you have to think about is each other.  North County Farms, in Kilauea, is anenchanting Bed and Breakfast with a self-contained guesthouse that is located a good mile away from the main house, and any other guests.

You’ll call a handcrafted wooden cottage your Hawaiian “home” while your visiting the island. The cottage is complete with a queen bed, full bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room.  Sip your morning coffee together on your own private deck, and rinse off after a day at the beach in your outdoor shower.  Your vacation house is surrounded by green, flowering gardens, where you can pick pesticide-free fruit to snack on or nap together in a cozy hammock.

Where To Eat

There is nothing more delightful that sitting down to a meal that was created from fresh ingredients and prepared with loving care.  You and your partner will love organic breakfast or lunch at The Garden Café, an incredible little eatery situated on the 60-acre, sustainable, Common Ground Farm. Delicious, farm-to-table meals are served outdoors, amidst hills covered with fog and a silence so golden that you’ll wish you never had to leave.

While you eat, you’re enveloped with the true spirit of the land and the people who tend to it.  For breakfast, enjoy a burrito with harvested, roasted veggies, or a bagel with a cup of organic juice, coffee, or tea. A lunch favorite is the wrap with hummus and vegetables, and be sure not to pass up the raw chocolate pie for dessert!

What To Do

On the rainy side of Kauai, on the North Shore, you’ll find a secluded one-mile stretch of coastline called Secret Beach.  Drive the dirt road to a steep and slippery footpath, and then hike to a sensuous spot where you can view the Na Pali cliffs rising 4,000 feet above sea level.

Two of the best waterfalls on Kauai aregreat places to take in inspiring views together.  Opaekaa Falls, on the east side of the island, rushes down into hidden pools that are wonderful for cooling off in or just stopping near for a rest.  The awesome drop of the Wailua Falls is said to be 80’, but most observers say the distance is well over 200’.

You can’t get more in touch with the sheer force of nature than at the Spouting Horn Blowhole, one of Kauai’s most photographed spots.  This incredible and magical place is best viewed at sunset, when the surf meets the lava shore and creates a dynamic display that you and yours truly will never forget.

If you’re adventurous, you’ll want to paddle a kayak for two down the Wailua River to Fern Grotto, where thick blankets of tropical plants cover ancient lava rock.  You may even be serenaded by Hawaiian musicians playing their songs to passers-by.

After a full day of sightseeing together, unwind with a lomi lomi massage at the Honua Lani Gardens.  Relax with a moonlit couples massage in an open hut, and bask in the sounds of water birds that fill the peaceful night air.