Belize is the Next Hot Travel Destination

Experienced and novice travelers alike are discovering Belize and falling in love with it.  As a tropical destination, it stands apart from other Caribbean  and central American travel alternatives for a variety of reasons, as discovered by Belize Tree Top Villa operators, Chris and Kristi Cullen.

Belize Great Blue Hole picture

The Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef is a huge attraction for Belize.


Belize is in a great location, with just a two to four hour flight from many major American airports in the Southeast.  Scuba diving enthusiasts are accustomed to the 9-13+ hour flights to visit the South Pacific and Australia.  Less time in the air means more time to enjoy the many Belize adventures by land or by water.


Novice international travelers tend to be nervous to travel to countries that they do not speak the language.  This is quickly overcame by travelers to Belize; it is a former British colony where the majority of the country speaks English very well along with another language like Kriol, Spanish and other Mayan  languages.


Belize has less civil unrest than many other central American countries.  The State Department does note some travelling precautions and past incidents that have occurred, but most of these are in Belize city or along the Guatemalan border.  The most popular Belizean tourist destination,  the Placencia peninsula, where Belize Tree Top Villa is located, remains a friendly location with little travel danger.

Clean Water

Travelers to Belize can enjoy drinking fresh tap water unlike many other central American destinations.  This is in part due to fresh groundwater in most of the country.  While the demands for fresh water are growing in large cities as the population grows, the Placencia area as well as Belize Tree Top Villa itself has clean water to drink.

Things to do

There’s something to do for the whole family in Belize, and most especially along the Southern coast of the Placencia peninsula!  Scuba divers of all ages are drawn to the second largest barrier reef in the world, along with other unique diving features like ‘The Blue Hole.’  There are also plenty of other adventures by boat, and land.  Enjoy zip-lining through the jungle, cave tubing, and wandering through Mayan ruins… there’s truly something for everyone in the family!

All of these factors influenced the Cullen’s decision to buy their second home in the Maya Beach neighborhood.  They open it up to you for your Belize vacation rental to enjoy the many activities enjoyed by other travelers.  Please contact if you are interested in staying at the villa.  And if you need a recommendation of things to do, places to eat, or sites to see, they’re the expert to consult for planning a Belizean vacation!

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