Hiking Holidays In Kauai

Kauai: Hiking Holidays

Up to 90% of the entire Kauai is inaccessible by typical transport. That is why the island facilitates great hiking experiences. There are just too many sites and sights within this paradise that should be explored—on foot. Indeed, hiking is truly an ideal way to explore and enjoy the natural splendor of Kauai first-hand. Needless to say further, Kauai is an amazing island with breath-taking sceneries. You can aim to see major waterfalls, which mostly require hours of hiking. You may take short hikes from specific roads or opt to go through hiking trails that may require all day of challenge.

The 3 Best Hiking Trails in Kauai

It is advisable that before you go on a hiking holiday in the island, you should do some research to know which trails to take. The Department of Land and Natural Resources as well as the Division of State Parks can provide you with accurate maps, which can be helpful in navigation. There are several recommended hiking trails but if it is your first time to go, the three most popular are the Kukui, Kuilau Ridge, and Kalalau Trails. 1. The Kukui Trail is a 5-mile trail dropping about 2,000 feet into the Waimea Canyon. It offers a short route going to the canyon floor. As a form of reward from nature, there is a huge swimming hole at the canyon’s bottom. 2. The Kuilau Ridge Trail is a 4.2-mile hike that offers picturesque views of a wealth of flora and several waterfalls. Its trailhead is a mile from the University of Hawaii Agricultural Experimental Station. 3. The Kalalau Trailis noted for being the original hiking route going to Kalalau Valley. It offers panoramic views of the equally popular Kee Beach and Na Pali Coast. Many hikers decide to take an overnight camp and spend the night at Hanakapial, where you can mingle with other hiking adventurists for a unique nightlife. This trail is most suited for experienced hikers for logical reasons.

Hiking Safety Tips for Kauai

Be sure to prepare for your hiking holiday before going to Kauai. As mentioned, it will be advisable to get a map of the trails first. It will be more fun to hike with your family or friends, although some adventurists opt to hike alone. Pack your hiking essentials especially drinking water as drinking freshwater from streams and ponds may not be advisable for health safety reasons. Wear a good and reliable pair of hiking shoes (preferably with tread), a pair of light pants or shorts and a light shirt. Don’t forget to bring with you light rain jackets and even mosquito repellents (for overnight hiking). If you are taking a tougher and longer hike, bring flashlights, compass, sweaters, first aid kit, and sufficient water and food to nourish you all throughout the activity. Bringing of mobile phones is also advisable. Hiking in Kauai can really be fun. If you are planning a holiday vacation in this island paradise, it is advisable that you don’t forget scheduling a hiking activity. Take any of the trails and you will see what kind of rewards from nature you can behold.

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