Kilohana Estate

After passing by Lihue and before reaching the Kauai Community College, you will find the popular Kilohana Estate. The restored plantation takes back visitors to circa 1930s. Within it is a Tudor mansion, which is noted for being home to one of the most prominent families in the island. It is not surprising that the estate is a picturesque and ideal venue not just for tours but also for theatrical luau and public gatherings.

Surrounding the Kilohana Estate is a manicured green lawn. The 35-acre estate currently features an old plantation village and several tropical gardens. Running through the property is the classic Kauai Plantation Railway, which facilitates an ideal tour of the working farm in the area. For shoppers, unique shops can be found, including Koloa Rum Company and 22 North.

The estate used to feature a 27,000-acre sugar plantation. It also used to be the main hub for Kauai business and for cultural and society events. Aside from being a popular touring venue these days, Kilohana Estate is also a popular wedding and reception venue. Its banquet facilities are among the finest in the island.

Kilohana Estate Tours

Premier tour is offered. Visitors are given the option to hike in the rainforest, ride the train, or set a gourmet picnic lunch to discover and behold the sceneries of Kilohana Estate. A typical tour starts in a Hawaiian train depot. Visitors are given several minutes to explore and enjoy the unique train depot shop, where numerous hand crafted souvenirs are displayed and sold.

Once you ride the train, you will surely be amazed at how the engine appears-old and rustic but still very functional. Once the ride begins, feel the wind created by the train making its way past the blooming garden, which is adorned beautifully with tropical flowers.

Kilohana Mansion

The Kilohana mansion is a tourist attraction on its own. Many tourists attest that entering it is like entering another world. This mansion displays the basic and most awesome features of Hawaii’s unique plantation-era architecture. What’s more? It is open for everyone’s enjoyment. The structure is where old-style luxury in the island is displayed.

Be surprised how it takes you back in time to a gracious epoch, an age when there was more time to relax, enjoy, and appreciate the goodness of nature and life. It was constructed in 1936 by Gaylord Parke Wilcox, a sugar baron. No one can ignore the original decors and furnishings in the house. The main salon has a cocktail and a dining area. There, you will find Gaylord’s, an award winning and notable restaurant that offers and serves the freshest and most sumptuous island cuisines.

Kilohana Estate Kauai

The beautiful Kilohana Estate in Kauai!

Luau Kalamaku

Kilohana Estate also serves as the site for Luau Kalamaku, a festivity that is regularly held in the area. The event showcases hula, poi, and many more. It is known as being the only theatrical luau in Kauai. Enjoy the festive atmosphere, partake in the sumptuous food, and be treated to a wonderful and full-scale theatrical experience that is like nothing else.

The evening typically starts with the dramatic torch lighting, followed by the imu ceremony. After that, enjoy the live Tahitian music, hula dancing, and native games. Fire poi ball twirlers, hula dancers, traditional Polynesian fire knives, and vivid storytelling sessions will all combine to give you and the other tourists an unforgettable and festive evening like no other.

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