Oceanside Theatre In Kauai

Who says there’s no good theatre in Kauai? The popularity of Oceanside Theater is a proof that people in the island are also spending to watch quality theater shows. Oceanside Theater is the newest theatre company in Kauai. It offers and facilitates the best live entertainment, which is an ideal compliment to a typically lazy day at the pristine beach.

Oceanside Theater’s office is located at 379 Ilalo Place Kapaa. One should check out the scheduled plays and shows in assigned venues before going. Specific and popular theatrical performances are usually scheduled in specific days and times of the week.

The Complete History of America Abridged

The Complete History of America Abridged is a hilarious production!

OP Theater

Oceanside Productions (OP) Theatre is the hottest and most popular theater company in Kauai. It offers and stages the best in local live entertainment. Presently, OP Theatre mounts and performs a hilarious 90-minute comedy called ‘The Complete History of America: Abridged.’ It is one of the longest running comedies performed in London.

The show is performed by schedule every Tuesday night at the Aston Aloha Beach Hotel, which is located along the Wailua/Kapaa. The site is where Wailua River is meeting the ocean. If you plan to watch a performance, you may choose from any of three-course menus offered. Those are served table side from the Palms Restaurant along with vegetarian options. You may also stroll over to Alii Room Theater.

Theatre Mission Statement

Oceanside Productions is a typical theater group that aims to provide theatrical entertainment with the highest quality. The group intends to cater to the preferences and enjoyment of kamaaina and Kauai visitors. Oceanside Productions is committed only to the highest entertainment standards, which define every aspect of the company’s work.

Thus, it should not surprise anyone that total satisfaction and enjoyment is ensured by Oceanside Productions. Many tourists even rave about how they do not expect to experience theater at its finest while in Kauai. Logically, theater performances are not what tourists come to when visiting the island. But it is a pleasant surprise that after long days of beach and fun outdoor activities, people can relax and unwind watching a great theatrical performance.

The Complete History of America: Abridged

The 90-minute comedy is a rollercoaster ride of laughs and surprises. It is now in Kauai after gracing other parts of the world, including London. The plot centers in three actors who run riot through more than 500 years of history in America. Take note that no historical figure is ignored and unmentioned (read: unscathed). From Christopher Columbus to George Washington to Abraham Lincoln and Georg Bush, all popular figures are talked about.

Imagine ‘Three Stooges’ and ‘The Marx Brothers’ tackling American history over at ‘Saturday Night Live.’ That is what this comedy is all about. You may find it funny, fast-paced, and silly all at the same time. You may even be amazed at how quickly the characters change costumes. ‘The Complete History of America: Abridged is definitely a theatrical event that should not be missed by anyone in Kauai, whether residing there or just visiting for a vacation.

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