Planning A Trip to Kauai

So you’re thinking of traveling to Kauai?

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The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, yet the least developed, this is the Hawaii you will see in most movies and TV shows. The Na Pali coastline was made famous by the film, Jurassic Park, and is even more beautiful when seen up close.

Planning A Trip To Kauai

There are a large number of flights to the island, both from the mainland and from the other islands. You can catch direct flights to the island, instead of one with a layover in Oahu, as well.

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Since there are no buildings taller than 40 stories in Kauai, there aren’t massive resorts as there are on the other islands, but there is an excellent selection of smaller hotels in all price ranges. You can choose a resort, a hotel, or even a B&B, as there is a huge variety of places to stay.

The only important thing to do is plan your activities before you book your accommodation, because even though the island is small, you could end up spending hours on the road every day if you choose a hotel that is far from the beaches you want to visit. The northern side of the island gets significantly more rain than the southern, even though there is a ton to do even when it rains. Still, for those people who want to spend their holiday lazing in the sun, it is best to do some research on the layout of the island before booking a hotel.

Most of the roads on Kauai are adjacent to the coast, with very few roads leading inland. There are many beaches along the coast, but some are inaccessible by road and only adventurous hikers can get to them. You can also see the beautiful Na Pali coastline with its sheer cliffs by hike.

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While serious hikers can hike the 11 mile Kalalau Trail trail in 2-3 days, not everyone is up for that, which is why you can also book a helicopter ride. For beach lovers, there are still many beaches that are completely accessible by road and many fun activities that can be planned in advance – like scuba diving and snorkeling. It is also possible to go see the museums, and sightseeing spots scattered throughout the island, as well as drive to the top of the Na Pali cliffs for a gorgeous vista.

As you can see, the activities in Na Pali vary greatly. That is why it is best to decide the activities first, and then book your accommodation. There’s really so much to do on the island! Even the locals who have been there for years haven’t seen every part of the island for it’s diversity of fun activities and leisure area abundant beyond description!

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