So Many Ways To Go Fishing In Kauai

Kauai waters teem with fish. That is why fishing is another popular and superb activity tourists opt to do when visiting this vacation haven. If you are into fishing as a game, a hobby, or an adventure, you are up to enjoy the time of your life in Kauai.

In the island, expect to see people standing waist-deep in the waters holding simple rods. You may also see fishing charters that are just roaming across the pristine sea. Or while enjoying the beach, you may come across groups of shore fishers. Everyone seems to be gaga over fishing in this paradise.

Deep-sea fishing

It should not be a surprise that Kauai is home to big game fish. The paradise island is surrounded by the vast ocean. If deep-sea fishing is what you would like to do, you should book on one of the available fishing charters that are offered to tourists and hobbyists. You may find one across the North Shore, the Nawiliwili Harbor in Lihue, and Port Allen in Hanapepe (West Side).


Deep Sea fishing in Kauai provides some HUGE catches!

Top sea-fishing favorites are dorado (mahimahi), marlin, wahoo (ono), and yellow fin tuna (ahi). It is quite worthwhile and fun to spend a whole day fishing out in the vast blue sea. When booking a charter, you might specify the types and species of fish you are interested in so the ship could take you to particular areas of the sea where you would be more likely to get your catch.

Also be aware that the ship might have its own policy regarding the huge fish you might catch on board. You should specifically inquire if there is any ‘tag and release’ policy so you would know what happens to your catch and if you could possibly take home some or most of it. Such policies are disclosed before booking a fishing tour.

Freshwater fishing

You may opt for freshwater fishing if you want it to be more laid back. The 150-acre fresh water reservoir called the Kokee Public Fishing Area is a highly recommended site for this type of fishing. It has up to 13 miles of streams. But there can also be a maximum catch limit per day. A fisher may only catch up to seven fishes per day, regardless of the species or variety.

picture Peacock Bass Freshwater Fishing Kauai

Peacock Bass await for the freshwater fisherman in Kauai

Fishing licenses are also required to allow people to fish within freshwater sites. Such a license, which has a year-long validity, could be obtained from the State Division of Aquatic Resources. You should apply for and get one before freshwater fishing.

Shore fishing

Another option for fishing in Kauai is shore fishing. You may start by scouting for any wharf along the shore. Among the most popular sites for the activity are beaches, breakwaters, and bays. For baits, you may use bits of banana or bread. You may also use other bait options like shrimp, shellfish, sand worms, squid, and small crabs.

picture Shore Fishing Kauai

Shore fishing is a great way to spend the day relaxing in Kauai

Unlike in deep-sea and freshwater fishing, authorities are more stringent about protective gears for shore fishing enthusiasts. You should wear shoes to prevent possible cut from sharp coral reef or from fish scales, spines, or gills. You should choose less crowded beaches for shore fishing if you do not like distractions from swimmers, surfers, and other tourists.


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