Kauai Museum

A gathering venue to learn more about the past of Kauai and nearby Niihau (small island in the east, part of county of Kauai)—that is what Kauai Museum is. The place is obviously and logically doing its best to commemorate culture and history of the island. There are so many things one can discover about the island’s indigenous ancestors and immigrants. Those are showcased in the museum.

Kauai Museum is situated in a structure comprised of lava rock within Lihue. It features amazing and breathtaking collections from Kauai and Niihau artisans. Visitors learn more about the interesting geological formation of Kauai and other Hawaiian islands. Also to be featured are exhibits about Captain Cook’s arrival in Waimea, the early Hawaiian life, and the emergence of the Hawaiian monarchy.

There are even galleries that showcase the masterpieces of multi-cultural artists, craftsmen, and sculptors who gained fame and popularity in the island. Now on its 51st year in operations, Kauai Museum is still up to offer more to visitors who come to learn and discover more about the past, present, and possible future of this paradise island.

Location and structure

Kauai Museum can be found right at the heart of Lihue. It is near Lihue Airport. Every day, there are various activities that are aimed to keep visitors engaged. Prices of admissions also vary to provide options regarding which types of galleries to behold and which particular areas to be toured. Two hours is the recommended time to ideally tour and enjoy the museum. There is even a gift shop in the compound for those who intend to buy souvenirs and memorabilia.

The museum is housed in a Greco-Roman style building, which served as a town library once. The little but great museum certainly is a must in tourists’ itineraries because it contains important historical artifacts. Visitors can learn more information that will trace back the history of the island—from ancient times to discovery of the island in 1778 to the monarchy and plantation periods.

What to expect

Kauai Museum displays an extensive and outstanding collection of art works, masterpieces, and items that will give out clues and about Kauai’s distant past. The processions include not just artworks but also textiles, photographs, cultural materials, and many more. The site also houses old idols and poi pounders, paniolo and sugar plantation relics, seashell collections, feather leis, old Hawaiian quilts, and other replicas.

There is even a model of the ship used by Captain Cook when he discovered the islands. The ship replica, the HMS Resolution, is on display to catch interest about the island’s history. Vintage pictures taken by Japanese immigrant W.J. Senda are also on display while contemporary videos shot from helicopters, are shown to showcase the natural beauty of Kauai as seen from the sky.

No wonder, current exhibits tell stories of the famed island’s history and hospitality. Showcased are more than enough reasons why Kauai is considered as a unique and enriching tourism destination. Many seasonal exhibits are also put on display to further heighten one’s curiosity.


Makaleha Hike To Gusher Springs In Kauai

This was one of my first hikes in Kauai… and definitely one of my favorites! It’s a short 15-30 minute hike from the parking area of Makaleha near the water towers off Kahuna rd.

Hiking Directions

Since there was a storm there recently, you have to hike and climb over and on some fallen trees. When you start up the trail to Makaleha, you will come to the first stream crossing. Instead of crossing there, head upstream along the trail on the right side up of the stream. You’ll see fallen branches in the way – you have to climb over the branches and make your way slightly to your right, away from the stream.

If you do it right, you’ll see gushing water coming out of a large pipe – that’s Gusher Springs – that turns into a much smaller stream that meets up with the larger Makaleha stream after a few hundred feet. The water is coming from a pipe but the pipe leads straight to a tiny cave where the stream comes out of the rock – the water is pristine mountain spring water, safe to drink and deliciously refreshing. It’s a great place to fill up your water bottles for a longer hike up to the Makaleha waterfalls.

The hike to Gusher Springs makes a great 1-2 hour adventure and swim by itself or a great side trip on your way to Makaleha falls further up the stream. It’s also a great place to visit coming down the mountain at the end of your hike to refill your water bottles and take some fresh mountain spring water home with you.

photo Kauai Gusher Springs Makaleha

Enjoying the refreshing springwater at Makaleha.

Enjoying The Springs

That’s what Gusher Springs looks like! It’s perfect for a cool dip on a warm day in Kauai. You might also see crawfish in the water nearby or hear the beautiful calls of the Shama Thrush while you enjoy the water!

Our tour guide for the day was Danny Hashimoto. Before the hike, Danny fed us some incredible tropical fruit ambrosia – with about 10 or 11 different tropical fruits and coconut cream. The fruits included papaya, cream apple (camelito), ice cream banana, apple banana, lychee, and some other amazing fruits I forgot!

Kauai Tropical Fruit Ambrosia picture

We enjoyed this wonderful tropical fruit ambrosia before the Makaleha hike.

Danny’s home-made Raw Cacao Mousse with Passion-Coconut Cream topping and freshly gathered Thimble Berries crowning the Mousse really set off this dessert. These delicious red berries grow wild along the trail and bear year round. It’s nice to be able to hike and snack at the same time!

Cacao Mousse picture

This superfood-rich cacao mousse made our hike even better!

Even with these directions, Gusher Springs can be hard to find and it requires some hiking skills and leadership to help navigate through and over the fallen trees so it’s best to have a guide.

If you’d like to book a wonderful tour like this with our native Hawaiian guide, Danny Hashimoto, you can contact him at:

Danny Hashimoto, Kauai Tour Guide

website: http://kauaiquest.com/

email: dakinedanny@yahoo.com

phone: 808-634-3753

Mention this blog post and receive a free cacao mousse dessert on your next hike in Kauai!

Note: All photos courtesy of Danny Hashimoto.

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