Opodo Vs Lastminute – Which one to choose for the next travel?

Opodo or Lastminute – which one makes a better choice for customers?

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These are both well-known travel agencies, and people all over the world have heard of them more than once. Some do prefer Opodo, while others tend to travel more with Lastminute. So, why choose this and not that? Here are some facts that will help you make the right choice to travel cheaper and enjoy a better quality:

Opodo targets more customers!

Many travelers think that Opodo is offering targeting customers only in Europe; this might not be entirely true. Actually, Opodo is noted to operate in Europe and other countries of interest. It has often served in Europe, North-Africa, America and Asia too, making it a very reliable traveling company. Here you find some of the best travel deals for Opodo in France. These include journeys, cruises, flights, etc…

Opodo has cheaper services!

When it comes to travel deals, opodo has the best price among its peers. Even if it doesn’t offer premium-quality services, this travel agency holds the best quality/price ratio.  However, Lastminute possesses very good services in high class. This means that anyone who is not from the high class certainly might have enough money to be part of it. On this fact, the opinions vary; some people prefer quality even if they pay more, while others care about prices more than anything else.

Unreliable customer services for both!

The big con of both companies is their customer service. Actually, there are two customer services departments: the post-sales department and the after-sales department. The 1st one has an excellent service with good communicational skills, just to encourage people to make a purchase; while, the second department is usually not joinable. In fact, customers may spend hours in the phone just to redeem a refund or to report a bad service, and nobody will answer them. After all, it’s the same with al travel services. Before customers buy, agencies run after them; and once they have paid, no agent will answer them.

Opodo and Lastminute are both good travel agencies. Both of them have pros and cones; but for limited budgets, Opodo becomes a better choice, especially for European and French customers. In fact, more than 20% of French travelers prefer to choose Opodo rather than Lastminute, and they have a reason for that!