Kauai Surfing: Enjoying the Surfers’ Paradise

Kauai is building a solid reputation as a surfers’ paradise. Serious and professional surfers from all around the world surely include the island as one of the best surfing sites they have in mind. Needless to say, good, old stand-up surfing remains alive and kicking in the area. This is not surprising as it is surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean.

picture Kauai Surfing Paradise

Surfing in Kauai is a true surfer's dream!

Professional surfers could proceed to surfing along Hanalei Bay, Kalihiwai, Haena, or Lumahai. In those areas, huge waves are quite typical. All of those are in the North Shore area, which is most popular during winter surfing season.

For amateur and novice surfers, the south shores of Kauai offer impressive surfing resorts and areas. If you are really determined to learn surfing and be an expert in the sport, you should spend some time learning and training in this part of the island. South shores are not to be described as wimpy; those are just less rough compared to surfing areas in the north.

For the novice surfers

The north ends of Kealia and Wailua beaches teem with numerous surfers especially when the trade winds subside. Intermediate surfers are easily magnetized towards Beach House/Lawai Beach and Poipu all year round. The pros would find Kalihiwai a real challenge because of the cliff side. Perennial favorites for beginners and novice surfers include Hanalei Bay (next to Hanalei Pier), Poipu Beach (in front of the Marriott Waiohai Beach Club), and the Kalapaki Beach.

Kauai is also gaining popularity as an ideal place to learn surfing. Many tourists come to the island to try out and learn how to surf. Taking formal surfing lessons is highly recommended. It can be a vacation activity in itself. Do not worry about the gears and materials to be needed. Instructors are also trained to deal with slow and fast learners. Here are some surfing schools you could check out while in Kauai.

Surfing schools

Blue Seas Surf School is represented by prime surfing instructor Charlie Smith. His specialty is teaching beginners, even children. He takes his students to specific areas in the island where it could be safer and better to learn surfing.

Margo Oberg Surfing School is run and operated by Margo Oberg himself, world surfing champion for seven times and hall of famer. The surfing school regularly convenes at the beach right in front of Sheraton Kauai (Poipu). The lessons are quite simplified. But some learners observe that the mode of instructions is for people who already know even a little about surfing.

Nukumoi Surf Co has die-hard surfers as instructors. You may be surprised that although most of them have not yet made names in the international surfing scene, they are enthusiastic to act and stand as mentors to surfing students. Learners can be more comfortable about the more personalized method of teaching.

Titus Kinimaka Hawaiian School for Surfing is known for big-wave surfing. Surfing lessons are especially designed for beginners, intermediate surfers, and advanced level surfers. Titus Kinimaka is a local surfing legend. Thus, even expert surfers would want to train under him.