What’s On Your Bucket List?

If you’ve got a bucket list, chances are you can check off a lot of those things on the gorgeous island of Kauai.

Here are some common bucket list items you can do in Kauai:


Skydiving on Kauai is epic to say the least! The views of the gorgeous green mountain in the middle of the ocean are breathtaking. If skydiving Kauai doesn’t make you feel alive, I don’t know what will!

Skydiving Kauai picture

Skydiving Kauai is a must for your bucket list!

Surfing In Hawaii

Now surfing may not be all that amazing of an activity (unless you’re really into surfing) but there’s absolutely something unique and amazing about surfing in Kauai. Kauai is not as well known for surfing as the North Shore of Oahu but swells can get to 20 ft or more on big days and much more often 6-12 ft depending on the season.

If you want to surf with the big waves, this is one of the places to do it!

Scuba Diving

Kauai is one of the best places to scuba dive. Well, not Kauai exactly – Nihau. It’s the small island just a few miles off the coast of Kauai. It provides epic deep underwater cliffs right next to the coral reefs.

Nihau Scuva Diving picture

Scuva Diving in Nihau is a great addition to your bucket list!

If you’ve never scuba dived before, Kauai is a great place to get your certification. The dive operators here are very experienced and have great safety records.

Swim With Dolphins and Turtles

Who doesn’t want to swim with dolphins and turtles?

Swim With Dolphins

Honestly, there’s nothing like swimming with dolphins. They’re so fun and playful and you can swim with them in the wild here if you know where to go (and what you’re doing!).

Just make sure to be safe and NEVER go out alone!

Locals will often go to Kalihiwai Bay early in the morning on a calm day and swim out to where the dolphins are feeding. If you’re lucky, you too can swim with the dolphins there. Again, just make sure to be safe, never go alone, and bring flippers and a snorkel if not a flotation device as well.

See The Rainiest Spot On Earth (Mount Wai’Ale’Ale)

Mount WaiAleAle averages more than 452 inches of rain a year! That makes it the rainiest place on Earth – and an extraordinary sight to see. In the old days, you could take a helicopter and fly to the top of the mountain, land there and walk around. Today, the only way to get there is to hike for several days and it’s very dangerous and not recommended.

Mount WaiAleAle picture

You can still take a helicopter ride up and see Mount WaiAleAle though – you just can’t land there. It’s definitely an extraordinary sight to behold on a clear day (which, of course, are few and far between). You can see Mount WaiAleAle from many parts of the island and you’ll often see it hidden behind rain clouds – working on a new world record for rain fall!

Thanks to www.extremebucketlist.net for their inspiration for this article.


  1. Great post and amazing photos that make me want to be there now! Not done Hawaii yet but it is definitely on my list and now after reading this I will hit Kauai for a surf!

  2. Those are some absolutely beautiful pictures!


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